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Challenge Day in Italy

We visited to school in Naples in Italy to support students and teachers in an enterprise challenge.

One of the schools we work with in Camden take part in the Comenius project, which bring schools across Europe together to work on collaborative projects. We were contacted one of the Italian teachers who works in a primary school near Naples who said that they would love to try out the idea in their school as this was something completely new for them.

The day was a huge success. The excitement was clear from the moment the children arrived at school. No-one cared the school had been opened especially on a Saturday and they had to come to school an extra day. Using local landmarks such as Mount Vesuvius, Pompei and the Amalfi coast for inspiration, the teams created fantastic souvenirs using materials they ‘bought’ from the teacher after careful budgeting. Selling back the finished products to the teachers enabled them to experience making a profit, and each team presented a short TV advert to promote their products.

“They have never thought this way before, it’s a completely new concept for them. Some children did struggle at first with the lack of a traditional structure but most have taken to it so well. It’s surprised us as some of the children who usually misbehave and not interested in learning have been so much better today and interested in what they were doing.” - School principal

Projects like Comenius and Global Entrepreneur Week have made a start in recognising the importance of enterprise education and making international links, but more needs to be done.

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