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Colham Manor get creative with their library
June 20, 2018

Year 4 students at Colham Manor Primary School have been doing amazing things with their Brilliant Books project - so much so that the Lord Mayor came to visit to see the changes they'd made to their school library.

This is Colham Manor's first year working with Enabling Enterprise, but already they have been working hard to bring the essential skills to life! Led by their teaching assistant Nirmela Sperring, Year 4 have been taking a look at the reading spaces in their library and using their Creativity and Problem Solving skills to design a more comfortable area to get lost in a book.

The head boy and head girl joined the Mayor of Hillingdon to cut the ribbon on the renovated reading area

As part of their project, the students visited the local Waterstones in Uxbridge. They met staff member Jane, who gave them an insight into how a bookshop works and is laid out, and provided some tips on how to make their library extra inspiring. Inspired by their passion for getting their peers reading, Jane and Waterstones donated a set of books to christen their new space, and came along to the grand opening to give them to students. The books included classic favourites like Percy Jackson, Tracy Beaker and Artemis Fowl!

Students did a fantastic job making the area colourful and inviting - perfect for curling up with a good book

The Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor John Morgan, attended with the Mayor's Escort, Pauline Bianco. Both were hugely impressed with the thoughtful improvements the students had made, and were excited to hear them talk about the process they went through - first brainstorming ideas, then matching ideas to their budget, and finally coming up with a complete plan for what they needed. Some of the ideas that didn't make the cut included a chocolate fountain and a jacuzzi (it was decided that they were somewhat out of budget!). Instead students focused on making things visually engaging with colourful mats, twinkling fairy lights and a dedicated zone for comics.

All the students got a chance to chat with the Mayor and learn a bit more about his role

The students were also supported in their project by Vicky from Hillingdon Schools' Library Service, who was unfortunately unable to be at the ceremony but has visited pupils to discuss their work on the library - as well as donating a great many books to the school. It was through her involvement that the Mayor's Parlour first heard about the project and got in touch to see if they could visit.

It was truly inspiring to see the way the students had taken ownership of their project from start to finish, all while developing essential skills that will serve them very well in the future. As Colham Manor expands their work with Enabling Enterprise and essential skills, we look forward to seeing what future projects are in store!

Year 4 students were joined at the celebration by the Mayor and the Mayor's escort, as well as supporting staff and the Head and Deputy Head Teacher, and Jane from Waterstones in Uxbridge

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