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Bullring and Grand Central

Grand Central, part of the Bullring Estate, is Birmingham’s newest prime shopping centre. Supporting young people to build the eight essential skills, underpins all three of their CSR themes: youth education, youth unemployment and combating deprivation and crime through employment and enterprise.

How do they use the Skills Builder Framework?

Grand Central, in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, regularly hosts local students to see, hear and ask questions about the ‘behind the scenes’ workings of one of Europe’s busiest shopping centres. The students then undertake a team based business task and the Framework supports the Bullring and Grand Central employees to know which skills and which specific steps of those skills they should be working on with the students.

Why do they use the Framework?

Bullring and Grand Central host trips that use the Framework because they believe that the eight essential skills are key to any job role. By hosting trips they support young people to build these skills and the Framework allows the volunteers to be really specific in their skill feedback and praise with the students, ensuring the students know exactly what they’ve done well and what they could do to improve in the skills.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

The Framework has allowed the trips to really focus on developing a couple of the essential skills. The skill progress made by students on a trip can be seen in a Bullring volunteer’s comment from a recent trip, “The students were brilliant today – during the presentations it was clear how much they had taken on board.”

The eight skills are perhaps the cornerstone of any business or job role. Depending on the role, any person will require these skills at different times and in different circumstances.  A focus on these skills allows students to gain and develop themselves within the context of a real working environment.”

Michaela Moore, General Manager

”The structure of the programme allows the students to think creatively and everyone to share and listen to the different ideas.”

Michaela Moore, General Manager

“The Bullring volunteers are often keen to give the students advice, particularly within areas that were perhaps missing when they were at school or college.

Michaela Moore, General Manager