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JLL is a leading professional services firm specializing in real estate and investment management. JLL is committed to creating spaces, buildings and cities where everyone can thrive. Through their “Building a Better Tomorrow” programme, they work with partners such as Enabling Enterprise to make best use of the skills and experience they have to offer.

How do they use the Skills Builder Framework?

JLL, in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, regularly host students in their offices for a business trip where students get to meet a range of volunteers, go on a tour of the offices and take part in a real-life property challenge. The Framework supports the JLL employees to know which skills and which specific steps of those skills they should be working on with the students.

Why do they use the Framework?

JLL regularly host trips focused on skills from the Framework because they recognise how important these skills are for young people’s success and therefore to the success of the future organisations they join. The trips give JLL employees the opportunity to support young people to build these skills which provides a real “feel good” element.

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

Over the course of the business trips JLL volunteers are consistently amazed by the progress the students make in the essential skills. This can be seen by the quality of the students’ ideas, how they present these ideas and their response to questions.

The eight skills have always been important but have sometimes been overlooked within organisations. These skills aren’t explicitly taught within the curriculum. This in turn creates a skills void for organisations who are looking to bring these skills into their businesses.”

Neil Worrall, Director – Property and Asset Management

“I believe the continuous development of the eight skills are critical to the future success of the young people in a fast changing workplace environment and also to the success of organisations who can support this talent.”

Helen Gough, Lead Director – Project & Development Services

”We know from feedback from our volunteers that there is a real ‘feel good’ element to volunteering too. As one of them said: ‘The best thing about the day was watching the children grow in confidence and work as a team and knowing that you helped that. It was great!”

Gemma Piggott, UK Community & Sustainability Manager – Building a Better Tomorrow