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White Stuff is a multi-channel fashion and lifestyle brand recognised as a leader in sociable retailing. They are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve the communities they live in through their Doing Good Stuff initiative, so running business trips to develop students’ essential skills is a great fit.

How do they use the Skills Builder Framework?

White Stuff, in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, regularly host students at their Head Office, with the programme activities focusing on the world of retail. The students have the opportunity to understand the White Stuff ethos and brand by speaking to colleagues in different departments, while practising the essential skills from the Framework, through structured activities, which they would need to work there.

Why do they use the Framework?

The Framework allows the White Stuff staff to support the children to develop the essential skills throughout the day by really honing in on what the student needs to improve.  

What's been the impact of using the Framework?

On the White Stuff trip students regularly have the opportunity to practise their Creativity to ask the right questions and use their Problem Solving skills to solve some complex problems. The volunteers also benefit from using the themes of the Framework in tasks such as explaining which skills they use in their specific role allowing them to interact with the children effectively.

“The programme is a great way to develop essential life skills and we are more than happy to welcome groups to our unique and slightly unusual corporate office to help them explore the world of work.”

Rachel Dawes, Head of People

”The visit clearly has an impact on the children themselves, however the impact on our colleagues is also important. Most haven’t spent time with a group of children since school and it is fascinating to see them explain how they work and why they work in their specific role.”

Derek Miller, Foundation Manager

"The children supported by our staff take everything on board, developing the highlighted skills such as listening throughout the day, while still using their imagination to ask the right questions and solve some complex problems.”

Clive Conran, Facilities and Maintenance Manager