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Facilitator or teacher assessment
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Our facilitator or teacher assessment tool is ideal for tracking the progress of individual learners as they build the essential skills for success. For each student, you can record exactly which Steps of each skill have been mastered. You can use this data to reflect and plan next steps.

Assessing your students' skills is quick and easy. To get started, just sign into the system with your email address. Then check out the sections below for walkthroughs of each stage.

Managing users Download a printable copy of these steps here.

Managing your classDownload a printable copy of these steps here.

Completing your assessmentDownload a printable copy of these steps here.

Using your assessment

Why do you use these skills?
Our assessment tool is underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework, which is the culmination of years of learning and builds on the expertise of over 60 leading organisations and individuals across the sector. Read more here.

We have a focus on a specific skill. Can I just assess that skill?
If you are the leader on a Skills Builder programme, you can focus on a specific aspect of the Framework by specifying skills for educators to assess.

I only want to assess specific skills with my group?
The skills assessed are set at an organisational level so that all educators are focusing on the same skills in a consistent manner. It is not possible for individual classes to assess different skills to their parent organisation.