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My Skills: Self Assessment Tool

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Using the tool

I know this, let's start!

You can also download a copy of these instructions here.

When to use the self-assessment tool
The tool is designed for learners aged 11+. We recommend using the self-assessment tool as part of a conversation because conversation often prompts a more honest reflection than a reflection completed alone.

Two recommend ways to use the Skills Builder self-assessment tool:

How to use the self-assessment tool
Learners can access the tool by navigating to:

1. The learner enter the unique code for their group.
2. The learner picks up to 4 skills for the assessment (5 minutes per skill).
3. The step that the assessment begins at is determined by the learner’s age.
4. The learner is presented with questions for each skill, asking them if they are able to do a particular skill step. Through discussion with an adult or peer, the learner answers “Always”, “Sometimes” or “Never”. Learners also complete the text box with an example.
5. Each learner will receive a customised results sheet with advice on how they can improve in each assessed skill which they can print or save (press print and then “save as PDF”).

Customised results sheet
The output of the self-assessment is a customised result sheet which is for the learner. The learner can print this sheet and may be able to save this sheet as a PDF from the print menu (depending on the device they are using). Learners can use the customised results sheet:

a) as a reminder for which skills they need to focus on and what actions to take to improve in these skills
b) to support the writing of a personal statement or cover letter about their skill strengths and examples of when they have used these skills
c) to prepare for an interview where they might be asked about their skill strengths and examples of when they have used these skills

The customised results sheet has a traffic light system for each skill step assessed with green for “Always”, amber for “Sometimes” and red for “Never”.

Example of the dashboard

Even though this learner says they have achieved a Step 7,  the Skills Builder Framework and approach is about each step building on the ones below. As such this learner needs to be secure in Step 6 in order to have achieved Step 7.

View your class results
Enter your Class ID below to get a summary of your learners' assessments.

Learners with SEND
We are developing an offline self-assessment tool for learners aged 11+ with SEND. We will notify you when it is ready.

Great, thanks, let's start!

Using the tool

Take me to the tool!

Group Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click through to the assessment tool.
  3. Fill in your details, your group code is:
  1. Discuss and answer the questions, providing examples where you can.
  2. Once you have finished, save or print your Dashboard view for later use.