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We're pleased to present a variety of training content to help educators build essential skills.

Webinar: A spotlight on Speaking & Listening

In this webinar, Evelyn Haywood, Education Network Manager at the Skills Builder Partnership will be joined by Emily Evans, Chief Executive and Founder of the Economist Education Foundation). They will give a short presentation on the importance of Speaking and Listening skills and how we can go about systematically building them in school and college. Then, there'll be a chance to delve a bit deeper into this topic with a Q&A with Evelyn and Emily.

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Keep it simple

These lessons are a great place to begin teaching essential skills. You'll learn what essential skills are, and how to talk about them using the Universal Framework. Then you'll consider how to support your learners and the wider community to use the Framework too.

We've arranged the lessons in an order below, but feel free to complete them in an order that suits you.

Start early, keep going

If we want students to master the essential skills, it is imperative to start teaching them as early as possible and then continue to make them a consistent element throughout education.

This set of four short lessons each focus on a specific phase of education. Choose the phase that applies most to you.

Each lesson takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Measure it

Great teaching is supported by robust assessment. This applies to essential skills teaching as much as any other subject.

In this lesson you will learn more about using the Skills Builder Universal Framework as a tool to assess and inform formative practice. This lesson works really well in combination with the lessons from the ‘Focus Tightly’ module.

‘Measure it’ has one lesson, which will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Focus tightly

Once you have a sound understanding of your learners’ strengths and gaps, it is time for directed, focussed teaching and practice.

These two lessons go into more detail about the specific knowledge that needs to be taught for each step, and some of the ways Skills Builder has made it easier to practise the specific elements of each skill once they have been taught.

Keep practising

To accelerate progress in the essential skills, they should be used and reinforced as often as possible whenever you have the chance with those students. Over the course of this principle you will consider: Are there regular opportunities for students to use their essential skills? When they do, are these opportunities highlighted clearly to them? Is there regular opportunity to actively reflect on the skills and how they have been developed?

Bring it to life

Our sixth principle of embedding essential skills into educational settings, ‘Bring it to life’ focusses on making connections between what students learn in school or college and what they will be doing in the outside world.