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The eight essential skills

Build and assess essential skills
effectively in your work

Organisations that work with children and young people frequently develop essential skills in the course of their work. We help provide a rigorous and consistent framework for building those skills. As individual organisations we strive to make a positive change for the children and young people we work with. With a collective vision, we can ensure that one day, all learners are given the opportunity to develop the essential skills they need to succeed.

Two new resources to build essential skills, developed in partnership with sports organisations

The Skills Builder Partnership and The Harlequins Foundation have been working together to transform how learners of all ages develop essential skills through sport. Pioneered in partnership with a group of sports experts and underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework, these new resources provide practical ideas and guidance for programme delivery, workforce development and high-quality impact.

Sports Toolkit
Advice and case studies for all sports settings

Coaching Handbook
Practical ideas for building skills with learners

Free advice toolkit

We've created a toolkit for organisations that offers advice for embedding the essential skills, the Framework and the principles into your everyday work with young people.

Why Skills Builder?

Building these skills has multiple benefits: they are the springboard for learning and academic success, they are skills for enterprise and employability, and they support young people to develop good mental health.

Bea Stevenson -
Head of Emotional Health at School, Family Links

Everyone can go off individually inventing their own framework but actually to lock into something which is used by schools as well as other organisations there’s potential there... eventually for a young person to measure their own progress against something which can be matched up with all sorts of different activities.

David Nunn -
LSO On Track Projects Manager, London Symphony Orchestra

A coalition of skills-building organisations

We're building a global coalition of skills-building organisations, all using the shared Skills Builder framework. As these skills are widely transferable, our partner organisations cover a whole range of different industries and outcomes.

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Our partner organisations apply the Skills Builder Framework within their work and provide additional support within the Partnership through resource collaboration, advocacy and shared expertise. Their unique contributions to the growth and impact of the Partnership is highly valued.
Our strategic partners financially support us to expand our work - either through developing new programmes or extending into new areas. We couldn’t grow without them and thank them for all their support.
Our member organisations are determined to achieve a greater collective impact as part of this growing coalition. They are provided with training and support around the Skills Builder Framework which they apply to their own work, engaging with young people in a wide variety of ways to work towards the overall mission of developing the essential skills.

Piloting organisations

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Start building skills with a membership

Becoming a Member allows you to benefit from the Skills Builder Framework and simple activities to support building essential skills.

Training and support

Our team of outstanding qualified teachers help your staff support learners' progress by integrating the Skills Builder Framework in to your work with young people.

Supporting resources

We provide a wide range of resources to help your learners build essential skills, including posters, certificates and a series of short video-based activities.

Assessment tool

Our easy-to-use web tool helps staff assess learners quickly and effectively, allowing them to view their data clearly and decide next steps.

£200 - £1800,
depending on annual turnover

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