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Culture Mile
Our strategic partners financially support us to expand our work - either through developing new programmes or extending into new areas. We couldn’t grow without them and thank them for all their support.
Our employer partners periodically host visits to their workplaces by groups of students, who get a chance to meet employees and ask questions. Volunteers and students then get to work on a challenge that gives a flavour of what the organisation does.

Culture Mile Learning is a unique, inspirational learning destination, which brings together a diverse range of cultural, heritage and arts organisations from across London to work on an unprecedented scale to offer world-class learning experiences to children and young people. It’s work includes:

  • Work experience opportunities for young people facing socio-economic barriers
  • Paid work placements in partnership with The Prince’s Trust
  • CPD with teachers to embed culture and creativity across the curriculum
  • Extensive learning programmes for schools

Culture Mile has recently become an RSA City of Learning.

This partnership of twenty-nine arts, heritage, and cultural venues delivers programmes that promote the value of cultural and creative experiences to develop the fusion of creative, communication, thinking and organisational skills in young people that are needed by today’s employers. CML will use the Skills Builder Universal Framework to inform project design and delivery. It is also running a Challenge Prize with Foundation for Future London to find innovative solutions to the skills gap. The six competition Finalists are using the Universal Framework to hone their proposals.

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