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Wheely Tots
Our strategic partners financially support us to expand our work - either through developing new programmes or extending into new areas. We couldn’t grow without them and thank them for all their support.
Our employer partners periodically host visits to their workplaces by groups of students, who get a chance to meet employees and ask questions. Volunteers and students then get to work on a challenge that gives a flavour of what the organisation does.

Wheely Tots is a UK Registered Charity all about improving social integration.

They do this by creating as many positive micro interactions as possible.  Each one seeds another and another and that’s why Wheely Tots believe all children (and families and communities) should be healthy, confident and resilient.

2020 marked five years of Wheely Tots supporting families and young people in Haringey and North Hackney.  

During that time, the charity has delivered over 2,000 hours of balance bike sessions and reached over 1,000 families. They’ve engaged with 96 young people over the first year of their youth-led initiative, Your Bike Project. They have also created 5 part-time jobs and trained 5 local people as cycling instructors.

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