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Crime Scene Investigation at Bridgelea Primary School
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Bridgelea Primary School
Bridgelea Primary School is in Manchester and have worked with us since 20. Students and teachers have been working on building the eight Essential Skills through Challenge Days.
Crime Scene Investigation
Over the course of the day, students worked in teams as police investigators to solve the case of the Sugar Snatcher. Having been presented with the suspects, time was of the essence to examine the evidence. Following police procedures such as fingerprint analysis and evaluating evidence at the crime scene itself, the aspiring detectives put their Problem Solving skills to the test to help them build a convincing case for who they thought the culprit was. Continuing to practise their Teamwork skills, some teams put together the most persuasive evidence boards to put forward their case for the culprit. The enterprising police recruits then shone with their Presenting skills as it was time to report their findings to the Case Officer.
Suspect BoardCrime Scene
Crime Scene - Keep Out!
I was pleased with how hard I looked at the clues and got lots of detail from them.
Key Stage 1 pupil, Bridgelea Primary School
The pupils were really engaged, they loved sharing their theories with each other.
Teacher, Bridgelea Primary School
The thief thought we wouldn't mind if they stole all the chocolate. We do!
Key Stage 1 pupil, Bridgelea Primary School