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Bromley Beacon Academy (Bromley Campus) and Business in a Day
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Bromley Beacon Academy (Bromley Campus)
Bromley Beacon Academy offers specialist mixed provision for students with Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. On the Bromley Campus, students from Key Stage 4 and 5 focus on vocational subject areas, specialising in subjects that can provide them with a platform to further/higher education and/or employment. The school has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2018 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students.
Business in a Day
Year 9 students became entrepreneurs for the day as they used their Creativity to form their own merchandise companies and design the branding for this. Using their Problem Solving skills to find out more information on their task, students carried out online research for well-known brands and their products, reflecting on the effectiveness of these. They then created the first drafts of their own logos and how these would be applied to their own range of merchandise. With ideas for clothing, footwear and accessories, students also had to consider the 'Unique Selling Points' of their brands, coming up with innovative ideas such as built-in speakers and bottle coolers for gym bags. Having finalised their initial designs, students then set about creating digital versions of these to be printed on to t-shirts and caps. They also considered the promotion and marketing of their products, thinking about the use of social media campaigns, endorsements and how other companies could be approached to collaborate on elements of their products.
Business in a Day at Bromley BeaconBusiness in a Day at Bromley Beacon
Business in a Day at Bromley Beacon
It's been great to see them engage with the task and show their creativity. They have shown a lot of resilience, which is really rewarding for us to see.
These are my own ideas, they are original and will excite customers. Everyone will want to buy these!
There are some brilliant ideas here... I could definitely see some of these in the shops and being worn on the streets.