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Future Transport at Brook House Primary School
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Brook House Primary School
From the London Brorough of Haringey Brook House Primary school has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2018 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Over the years, students across the whole school have been developing their Essential Skills through Challenge Days.
Future Transport
Over the course of the day, children had to work together in small teams to research, design, build and test a new form of transport for the future. They were set the challenge from Ronnie the Robot who had travelled back in time to explain what the world would be like many years in the future. Teams needed to be creative to solve problems and stay positive through a series of fast-paced challenges designed to stretch their essential skills. At the end of the day, students tested each other's designs and shared their super imaginative ideas in front of the class.
Teamwork, listening and creativity in Year 2's design stagePresenting ideas before combining designs together as a team
Creativity, problem solving and teamwork in Year 1's Future Transport model
We have one leader who’s very good and she’s making us all confident because she’s added so many features to our design
Student, Year 3
As for their teamwork, this is exceeding all my expectations so far so I’m very happy!
Teacher, Year 5
We’ve shared our ideas to improve our design. Even if we didn’t finish our drawings we stayed calm and we asked each other questions to know what what to do next.
Student, Year 5