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Operation Moonbase at Caister Academy
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Caister Academy
Caister Academy in Norfolk have been working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise since 2016 to develop their students Essential Skills through Business Trips and Challenge Day opportunities.
Operation Moonbase
Tasked to find a way to help solve the problem of a booming population, students worked in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon. They explored their Leadership skills by becoming managers, selecting a crew to support them on their mission as well as their Creativity skills by coming up with a brand new species of animal before taking on the role of architects and builders to make their ideal moonbase come to life. Applying their Problem Solving and Teamwork skills at the highest standard, they created their dream cities within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. The day culminated in a test of the learners Presenting skills as they pitched their new society to representatives from the UN. Teams promoted and celebrated their new societies, showing style and substance in their presentations. In what was a very tight timescale, the students rose to the occasion and should be extremely proud of their efforts.
Teams rewarded for using their Essential Skills at Caister AcademyTop Creativity from Caister's designers as they came up with new species of animals
The fruits of Teamwork whilst Aiming High at Caister Academy - fantastic 3D models of their moonbase cities!
We are now finding it easier to make decisions as a team thanks to our communication and how we take everyone's ideas into account.
Student, Year 9
We got better at teamwork and even more motivated as we found out about each other's strengths.
Student, Year 9
The resources and the challenge gave me and the learners an opportunity to focus and reflect directly on the skills.
Teacher, Year 9