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Start Up Success at Caister Academy
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Caister Academy
Caister Academy in Norfolk have been working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise since 2016 to develop their students Essential Skills through Business Trips and Challenge Day opportunities.
Start Up Success
Learners explored the world of enterprise by setting up and running their own Start Up Greeting Cards company. Over the course of the challenge, the learners were Working in a Team to manage a production line and sell a new range of greetings cards. In particular, teams had to use their Problem Solving skills to ensure that everyone in their team had contributed to final design and creation of their new greetings cards. As the clock ticked away, teams raced to outdo their competitors and produce as many high quality, creative cards as possible.
Start Up Success @ Caister AcademyStart Up Success @ Caister Academy
Start Up Success @ Caister Academy
I really wanted to improve my Presenting today, as I get really nervous. I'm really proud that I managed to get up and do the speech in front of everyone.
Student, Year 7
Today has been a really good chance to focus on the life skills that the students will need during their time at school and after.
Teacher, Year 7
We've worked really well together today despite having some difficulties at the start.
Student, Year 7