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Crime Scene Investigation at Chorleywood Primary School
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Chorleywood Primary School
Chorleywood Primary School joined the Skills Builder Partnership in 2019 in order to help develop the Essential Skills in their students. Students across the whole school have been developing their Essential Skills through discrete teaching in class as well as Challenge Days.
Crime Scene Investigation
Over the course of the challenge, learners applied essential skills and took on the role of police detectives to answer the question: Who stole the chocolate? They worked in teams to solve the case of the Sugar Snatcher, applying Creativity to examine key pieces of evidence. They applied Problem Solving by analysing sound clips taken from the crime scene, and applied Staying Positive skills by analysing fingerprints. The budding police detectives applied Teamwork skills to gather evidence at the crime scene, before applying Leadership skills to build a convincing case for who they thought the culprit was. The enterprising police recruits then applied Presenting and Listening by reported their findings to the wider group. Finally, they applied Aiming High by reflecting on the essential skills they had used throughout the day.
The Crime Scene at ChorleywoodCreativity Essential Skill at the Crime Scene
Wanted Posters
Today our work was nicer when we put our ideas together.
Year 3 Pupil, Chorleywood School
I am proud because I took turns with my team.
Year 1 Pupil, Chorleywood School
The day was easy to run and it will be a useful opportunity to compare how much their skills will have improved by the time of the challenge day at the end of the year.
Teacher, Chorleywood School