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Cranford Primary School
Metro Bank Slough
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Cranford Primary School
From the London Borough of Hounslow, Cranford Primary have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2013 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Students have the opportunity to visit a range of employers and workplaces in order to apply their essential skills outside the classroom. To further refine these skills back in school, the school also undertakes a variety of Lesson-Time Projects linked to the topics they study every term – for example, Year 3’s volcanoes topic was combined with their ‘Trash to Treasure’ project to design and build models of volcanoes! Alongside these classroom-based projects, students also complete Challenge Days as a whole school, from Nursery right through to Year 6.
Metro Bank Slough
Metro Bank is Britain’s first new high street bank in over 100 years. Metro Bank offer a unique, customer-focused retail banking service. As a business they aim to make every effort to offer simpler and more convenient banking to their customers. Metro Bank aims to have 150 stores across the UK by 2020.
Pitch Perfect
The students started their day by meeting volunteers and learning about their hosts before touring the premises to get a better picture of what working there is like. Then they worked in teams to understand how banks can support businesses with their finances and started their challenge for the day. Their challenge was to secure a loan for a new business venture of their devising before running the initial set up of the business. The teams really had to demonstrate their Leadership and Presenting skills throughout the challenge, but especially at the end of the day when they presented their achievements back to a panel of volunteers.
Leadership & Presenting at Metro BankLeadership & Presenting at Metro Bank
Leadership & Presenting at Metro Bank
Reflecting on our experiences from the first year of running our business, we know it's very important to focus on our Presenting, Creativity and Aiming High skills. With this, we can have a very successful company that lasts forever!
Student, Year 6
I've never been on an Enabling Enterprise trip before but it's been absolutely fantastic. The students have had the best time and it ties in brilliantly with our Big Business Challenge project they've recently completed.
Teacher, Cranford Primary
I love doing the Enabling Enterprise trips and I can't believe how engaged the students have been throughout the day - what a brilliant group!
Volunteer, Metro Bank