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Crompton House CE School
ISG Manchester
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Crompton House CE School
Crompton House School are supporting their students to develop the eight Essential Skills through teacher training and making use of the various teaching and learning resources available on the Skills Builder Hub
ISG Manchester
ISG is an international construction services company delivering fit-out, construction, engineering services. ISG has over 50 offices across Europe, The Middle East, Asia and South America.
Terrific Towers
From the moment they arrived, students were putting their essential skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day, and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their Problem Solving challenge: to design a new tower that the local community would be proud of. They set about designing a tower with apartments and extra special features to improve the lives of the residents. Their designs were inspired by different shapes and they built a scale model of their proposed idea. The day ended with a chance to share their achievements with a panel of volunteers. They reflected on how they had applied Problem Solving throughout the challenge and looked ahead to how they could apply this skill again in the future.
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Volunteer Support 3
The day was fantastic, the kids were fantastic. I cannot believe they were able to work so well together to create some amazing towers with only four sheets of paper!
ISG Volunteer
I didn't realise how many different jobs are available in places like ISG, being here has shown me that I could do something like interior design in most companies - even construction.
Year 9 Pupil
I think days like this are a great way for the pupils to see life beyond school, to see how to act in a professional environment and think about what they value in a workplace to help their future decisions.