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Level Up at Curwen Primary and Nursery School
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Curwen Primary and Nursery School
From the London Borough of Newham, Curwen Primary and Nursery School has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2012 to develop the eight essential skills in their students. Over the years, students across the whole school have been exploring and applying the essential skills through school-based Projects as well as Challenge Days and Trips to employer partners.
Level Up
Over the course of the challenge, learners worked in teams to design a brand new computer game, set in their own community. They needed to apply Creativity to decide on their initial game concept, style, and name. Then, the budding game artists applied Teamwork to design characters and Leadership to sketch their game world whilst using their Problem Solving skills to design a points system, tokens and exciting obstacles for their new game. The game designers then applied Staying Positive skills to de-bug lines of code, before applying Presenting and Listening to share their ideas with the wider group. At the end of the challenge, they applied Aiming High to reflect on the essential skills they had used throughout the day.
Presenting skills in actionThe fruits of top-notch Teamwork and Creativity combined
Leadership skills on show as the games designers support each other with lots of praise and encouragement
The resources are really easy to follow, quite self-explanatory.
Teacher, Year 4
We're so focused because we want to make sure everything's right. Plus, we've shared all our ideas as a team, that's why we're so proud!
Learner, Year 6
If you want to stay positive you can take deep breaths or count to 10.
Learner, Year 2