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Greetings Cards at Elm CE Primary School
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Elm CE Primary School
Located in Cambridgeshire, Elm CE Primary joined the Skills Builder Partnership in 2019 with a long-term vision of how to develop the essential skills in their learners. We are supporting this school to embed the six principles of effective skills teaching and learning. This builds on their curriculum which provides opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively in a variety of settings.
Greetings Cards
Over the course of the challenge, learners applied essential skills to answer the question: How can we help people celebrate events? They explored the world of enterprise by setting up and running their own greetings card company. They began by applying Listening skills to research existing cards and experiment with different pop-up mechanisms. Then, they applied Leadership skills by holding a team meeting to agree on a theme for their own set of greetings cards. Next, the budding entrepreneurs applied Creativity skills by designing their cards, before applying Problem Solving to identify the resources they would need to make the final set. Against the clock, learners applied Aiming High to create a set of identical cards. The day ended with learners applying Presenting skills, as they shared their enterprising creations with the wider group, before applying Staying Positive skills to reflect on challenges they had faced throughout the day.
We've been focusing on Listening, Problem Solving and Teamwork over the past term and the improvement I've seen today has been fantastic. The group have really come a long way!
Teacher, Year 4
We use all of these skills, all of the time! It doesn't matter if we're in school or out - they're very important.
Student, Year 6
Every person in our team did a design for the card and we picked one bit from each and put it into the final drawing. That means everyone feels happy.
Student, Year 2