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Five Elms Primary School
Credit Suisse
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Five Elms Primary School
From the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Five Elms Primary school has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2015 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Over the years, students across the whole school have been developing their Essential Skills through Lesson-Time Projects as well as Challenge Days and Trips to Employers.
Credit Suisse
Founded in 1856 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Credit Suisse has operations in over 50 countries and over 45,000 employees. Credit Suisse is a financial services company which helps people and businesses manage their money.
Pitch Perfect
The students started their day by meeting volunteers and learning about their hosts before touring the premises to get a better picture of what working there is like. Then they worked in teams to understand how banks can support businesses with their finances and started their challenge for the day. Their challenge was to secure a loan for a new business venture of their devising before running the initial set up of the business. The teams really had to demonstrate their Leadership and Presenting skills throughout the challenge, but especially at the end of the day when they presented their achievements back to a panel of volunteers.
Students Present their ideas back to the volunteers at Credit Suisse.Students apply Listening as they visit the trading floor and the chilly inside of the fridge at Credit Suisse's new kitchen!
Students put Leadership and Teamwork into action as they design a new business.
I'm proud because our team has Aimed High and Stayed Positive. We managed to connect our ideas together so that everyone's ideas were used for our business.
Student, Year 4
Over the course of the day the students' confidence has grown so much. At first they were quite shy to share their ideas but all the teams have Presented incredibly well and pitched their ideas, no matter how creative or different!
Teacher, Five Elms Primary School
The children showed excellent Teamwork skills and Staying Positive. The ideas were so creative - much better than anything we would have come up with as adults. I was very surprised and impressed by how well the students worked today.
Volunteer, Credit Suisse