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Future Transport at Fossdene Primary School
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Fossdene Primary School
Fossdene Primary School in Greenwich have been working with EE since 2015 to develop students' essential skills through a combination of lesson time projects, challenge days and visits to employers.
Future Transport
Over the course of the day, children had to work together in small teams to research, design, build and test a new form of transport for the future. They were set the challenge from Ronnie the Robot who had travelled back in time to explain what the world would be like many years in the future. Teams needed to be creative to solve problems and stay positive through a series of fast-paced challenges designed to stretch their essential skills. At the end of the day, students tested each other's designs and shared their super imaginative ideas in front of the class.
Future Transport @ Fossdene PrimaryFuture Transport @ Fossdene Primary
Future Transport @ Fossdene Primary
Students usually struggle to focus and work together in this class, but not today. They are so engrossed and caught-up in the challenge. Definitely seen a progression in their team work from the projects.
Teacher, Year 5
I really enjoyed making my bus today. It can help people by flying over tall buildings and getting to the bus stops quickly.
Student, Year 1
We came up with a transport that can grow its own food and we did this by working as a team. When you work as a team, you do things better than by yourself.
Student, Year 4