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Fryent Primary School
Oliver Wyman
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Fryent Primary School
Fryent Primary School is a large primary school, located in Brent. They have been working with Enabling Enterprise for a number of years. Back in school, all students from Nursery to Year 6 have the opportunity to develop skills through Challenge Days and Lesson Time Projects.
Oliver Wyman
Oliver Wyman is an international management consultancy company, helping businesses to solve their biggest challenges. Most recently, this has included the re-branding of Starbucks and McDonald's.
Positive Performance
The teams spent the first part of the challenge conducting some crucial research by interviewing volunteers about their roles, responsibilities and how they use Aiming High and Teamwork skills in their day-to-day jobs. They then went on an exciting tour which sparked their imagination for their project: to plan a new reward scheme for the employees of their host. They needed to aim high in their teams to make sure they could identify key goals and effective rewards. The volunteers were able to help them through this research stage with further interviews and examples from their personal experience. The day was rounded off by performance management meetings where the teams introduced staff to the new reward scheme and the volunteers identified the scheme they would like to see implemented.
Preparing to put Presenting skills into action for the management meetings.Teamwork and Aiming High skills combine as students design rewards schemes.
Students use their Listening skills to carry out market research on a tour of the Oliver Wyman office.
We are Aiming High and we feel we have achieved this skill by communicating with each other and using our Teamwork skills.
Student, Year 6
It's been lovely to see how well you have all gelled together in your teams and engaging with the activities today.
Teacher, Fryent Primary School
The teams have all been so supportive of each other and really enthusiastic. I've really enjoyed the afternoon and the students have impressed us with their creative ideas!
Volunteer, Oliver Wyman