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Geoffrey Field Infant School and Greetings Cards
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Geoffrey Field Infant School
Based in Reading and part of the Whitley Excellence Cluster (WEC), Geoffrey Field Infant School have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2018. As a large Infant school situated within a diverse community, the school aims to promote the moral, spiritual, physical and cultural development of all children. Today’s challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students from Nursery through to Year 2 to explore how they use their Essential Skills in an exciting challenge that stretched their Creativity, Teamwork and Aiming High.
Greetings Cards
Students explored the world of enterprise by setting up and running their own greeting cards company. Over the course of the challenge, Reading's newest design companies worked in a team to share ideas and create initial designs for greetings cards, following their chosen theme. With the final design chosen upon, students showed great teamwork to support each other and even set up a production line to create a new range of greetings cards. Using their 'budget' of tokens, they bought resources from the EE shop and set about producing cards, using their Problem Solving skills to ensure that everyone in their team had contributed to final design and creation of their new greetings cards. As the clock ticked away, teams raced to get their cards finished on time, and to a high standard. Aiming High was particularly important, with many of the cards now being sold within the school to Geoffrey Field parents, the companies' newest customers!
Greetings Cards at Geoffrey Field Infant SchoolGreetings Cards at Geoffrey Field Infant School
Greetings Cards at Geoffrey Field Infant School
This is really fun! I feel like an adult, going to work and making cards for a business!
Student, Year 1
It's been really interesting to see the teamwork dynamics and how they have responded to being asked to work together, collaborate and compromise. Some students have shown me that they really understand what good teamwork is.
We worked as a team to make the cards because then we could help each other and make sure we all knew what to do.
Student, Year 2