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Level Up at Gilbertstone Primary School
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Gilbertstone Primary School
Gilbertstone Primary School in South Yardley, Birmingham have placed the development of essential skills at the heart of their school curriculum for over 6 years, determined to ensure their children are engaged in a wide range of creative and purposeful learning activities with a real relevance to life beyond the classroom. During this academic year all learners will be further developing their Essential Skills through participation in termly Lesson Time Projects and a whole school Challenge Day. Older students will have opportunities to visit several of our Business Partners to apply their skills in a work place setting.
Level Up
Over the course of the challenge, learners worked in teams to design a brand new computer game, set in their own school. They needed to apply Creativity to decide on their initial game concept, style, and name. Then, the budding game artists applied Teamwork to design characters and Leadership to sketch their game world whilst using their Problem Solving skills to design a points system, tokens and exciting obstacles for their new game. The game designers then applied Staying Positive skills to de-bug lines of code, before applying Presenting and Listening to share their ideas with the wider group. At the end of the challenge, they applied Aiming High to reflect on the essential skills they had used throughout the day.
Terrific teamwork in all classesMaking decisions as a team
We have a greater awareness now of how we are getting on as a team. If someone is struggling or we aren't going to get the job done on time we can help each other out.
Learner, Year 6
The day has run smoothly...the resources are clear, easy to use and the children have responded so well to all of the tasks. It's been really useful to be able to see where they are in terms of the essential skills this early in the term.
Teacher, Gilberstone Primary School
We worked in a team. Our game is really good. It was all of our ideas together.
Learner, Year 2