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Greenfield School
University of West London - Brentford Campus
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Greenfield School
Based in Woking in Surrey, Greenfield School have been working with the Skills Builder Partnership since 2017. The school seeks to encourage and develop a range of gifts and talents amongst its pupils through a wealth of opportunities for children to develop their interests and experiences outside of the normal timetable, and many opportunities for non-academic pursuits. The school’s work with us aims to offer the students further opportunities to develop their skills, experiences and aspirations. In school, these skills are developed through exciting Challenge Days and by working on projects. Trips to employers allow students to apply these skills in a range of sectors by working alongside professionals from various businesses and organisations. Greenfield also invite students from other local schools to participate in Challenge Days alongside their students, giving learners of all ages a unique opportunity to work alongside unfamiliar team mates in a true test of Teamwork.
University of West London - Brentford Campus
The University of West London has campuses in Ealing and Brentford in London, as well as in Reading in Berkshire. The university has strong links with a range of employers and offers courses in subjects from travel and tourism, to nursing, engineering and music.
Imaginative Inventors (University)
From the moment they arrived, students needed to apply the essential skills they are developing in their classrooms to a different context. First of all, they gathered as much information as they could about their hosts as well as the student ambassadors who were joining them for the day. Teams were keen to find out more about the skills required to work or study at university and what daily life was like. In teams, the students were set their Creativity challenge: to design a new gadget to help students or staff at the university. They considered the sorts of problems people at the university might need help with - whether it was finding their way punctually to a meeting or seminar, capturing all of the information in a fascinating lecture, or ensuring they had healthy nutritious meals if living away from home for the first time. Using the student ambassadors to help with their research, students generated ideas for their new gadgets, working in teams to share ideas, combine ideas and develop solutions to problems in fast-paced tasks. Students were also taken on a tour to inspire their Creativity and to explore how students use a range of skills in their studies. The Simulation Centre showed how student nurses apply their skills when practising medical procedures on 'patients'. The day ended with teams sharing their achievements with the group. They reflected on how they had applied Creativity, Teamwork and other essential skills throughout the challenge and how they could take pride in their efforts.
Greenfield @ UWLGreenfield @ UWL
Greenfield @ UWL
We've been creative as a team because we all had ideas and we found a way to combine them to come up with the best final idea.
Y5 Learner, Greenfield School
A great interactive day and tour. I liked the focus on making each of the tasks relevant to promote the core values and skills being developed, such as Teamwork and Creativity.
Teacher, Greenfield School
I am proudest of our teamwork today because we have worked really well together. We got so much done and we are happy with our ideas.
Y5 Learner, Greenfield School