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Grendon Primary School
Hogarths Solihull
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Grendon Primary School
Located in Birmingham, Grendon Primary School have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2014, and are keen to ensure children across the school have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively whilst using their essential skills. Today's enterprising challenge was a great chance for everyone to be focusing on developing their 'skills'.
Hogarths Solihull
Hogarths are a new group of beautifully restored hotels based in the West Midlands. They cater for businesses, events and for whole families to relax and be together.
Delightful Dos
The teams spent the first part of the challenge conducting some crucial research by interviewing Hogarths staff about their roles, responsibilities and the skills they use in their day-to-day jobs. They then went on an exciting tour of the hotel which sparked their imagination for their project: to plan an engaging event at the hotel, needing to consider a theme, entertainment, food and decoration. This put their Creativity and Presenting Skills to the test as teams were challenged to create a new and original event tailored to this luxury setting.
I've seen six or so groups of children take on this challenge and your presentations were the best I have seen! Your confidence and attention to detail was fantastic!
General Manager, Hogarths Solihull
It's been so valuable for our students to see the inner workings of Hogarths and develop their skills with the help of the professionals.
The best part of the day was the tour of the grounds and the hotel. The hardest part was choosing our final ideas for the event because we had so many.