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Commit to Confidence at Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
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Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
The Grimsby Institute and University Centre offer a range of full-time, adult and Higher Education courses that learners can take in order to get the skills and knowledge to start a career, either directly or after university. They provide a broad curriculum that encompasses full and part-time provision from 14 years onwards. As part of their wider partnership, and in line with their mission to help people achieve their goals, they regularly invite local schools for special events that will give them a taste of what campus life might be like, and more crucially, what it means to focus on the skills required to achieve your goals. And so it is with this in mind that a lucky few mixed teams of Year 8 students from Humberston Academy came along today, eager to take on this one-of-a-kind challenge and put their skills to the test. Let’s find out how they got on.
Commit to Confidence
Over the course of the day, learners worked together to develop their confidence, with a focus on how they could use and apply their Essential Skills, such as Teamwork, Leadership, Listening, Presenting, Creativity, Problem Solving, Aiming High and Staying Positive. They began by considering what confidence is and the habits they can adopt to develop their confidence. Throughout the rest of the day, the learners applied their Essential Skills to a range of professional scenarios in preparation for life beyond school. This included taking on the roles of would-be HR teams, but also stepping into the shoes of creative designers and imaginative team players who were able to work under very tight deadlines with a limited amount of resources. The challenge culminated in a reflection on the skills they demonstrated to the highest standards as well as ways to continue to build their own confidence.
Presenting skills in action at Grimsby Institute at the Humberston students explain how they sometimes have to think outside the box to problem solve on the spot.The Humberston students display the fruits of their Teamwork and Creativity skills at Grimsby Institute.
The Humberston students display the fruits of their Teamwork and Creativity skills at Grimsby Institute.
Some of the students today have been completely involved, have listened and contributed to their team discussions, which is a big step up for them compared to regular lessons back at school.
Teacher, Humberston Academy
I’d like to nominate one of my teammates because he worked really hard and tried his best and so it inspired us to keep going.
Student, Year 8, Humberston Academy
What I’m taking away from today is no matter what happens, just keep a smile on your face.
Student, Year 8, Humberston Academy