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Gunter Primary School
Eversheds Sutherland Birmingham
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Gunter Primary School
Gunter Primary School are keen to ensure children across the school have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively whilst using their essential skills. Today's enterprising challenge was a great chance for everyone to be focusing on developing their 'skills'.
Eversheds Sutherland Birmingham
Eversheds is one of the world’s largest corporate law firms, with over 40 offices based in the world’s major economic centres. They employ just under 3,000 people.
Tricky Trials
On arrival at their hosts, the students were introduced to volunteers who would be assisting them in their challenge on the day. They then found out more about the business by going on a tour and interviewed the volunteers to find out how they use the Essential Skills in their roles, particularly focusing on the use of Problem Solving and Presenting skills. Then, working in teams, the students started working on their different cases, either as the defence or prosecution. With the help of the volunteers, they identified the best arguments, analysed evidence and listened to witness statements as they prepared to go to trial. At the close of the day, they presented their evidence to a judge and jury made of volunteers who decided the outcome of each case.
It was really nice to see how motivated and engaged the children were in the process. It made me very proud to see the children were able to transfer their skills.
Teacher, Gunter Primary School
I really enjoyed it because I enjoy problem solving and it gave me an insight of what life as a lawyer would be like.
Year 6 pupil, Gunter Primary School
The children were great to work with. They were really interested in the challenge, and it was good to see how they applied their essential skills and grew in confidence through the day.
Volunteer, Eversheds Sutherland