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Hatfeild Primary School
Hammerson Centrale
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Hatfeild Primary School
Hatfeild Primary School in Merton have been working with the Skills Builder Partnership since 2017. Students across the school participate in Lesson-Time Projects and a Challenge Day, with many students taking the opportunity to apply their skills on visits to employers.
Hammerson Centrale
Hammerson is an owner, manager and developer of retail destinations in Europe. The Hammerson portfolio of high-quality retail property has a value of around £10.6 billion and includes 22 prime shopping centres, 15 convenient retail parks and investments in 20 premium outlet villages, through Hammerson’s partnership with Value Retail and the VIA Outlets joint venture. Key investments include Bullring, Birmingham: Bicester Village, Oxfordshire, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin; and Les Terrasses du Port, Marseille. Centrale Shopping Centre and the Whitgift Centre are a Joint venture between Hammerson and Westfield. This joint venture is termed the ‘Croydon Partnership’.
Retail Revelations
From the moment they arrived, students were putting their essential skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day, and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their Teamwork challenge: to design a new retail window display. They set about researching existing displays. Then, they chose a product and theme to feature in their own display. Learners worked in teams to sketch different components of their display before sticking them together to show the full design. The day ended with a chance to share their achievements with a panel of volunteers. They reflected on how they had applied Teamwork throughout the challenge and looked ahead to how they could apply this skill again in the future.
Learners use their Teamwork skills to research existing shop window displays.Sharing ideas and taking inspiration from themed displays at Hammerson Centrale shopping centre.
Putting Teamwork skills into action to create a unique shop window design.
It's amazing to see how much their Teamwork skills have improved across the day. It's a challenging skill for this group and now we have lots of ideas to take back to class too.
Teacher, Hatfeild Primary School
Today we've used Teamwork to make our shop window display but we also have to use our skills in class quizzes to work together and Stay Positive, even if we don't get all the answers right.
Year 5 Student, Hatfeild Primary School
The students have worked so well today. They took lots of inspiration from our tour of the shopping centre window displays and used Creativity to make their own original designs.
Volunteer, Hammerson Centrale