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Operation Moonbase at Healing Primary School
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Healing Primary School
Healing Primary School is supporting their students to develop the eight Essential Skills through teacher training and making use of the various teaching and learning resources available on the Skills Builder Hub.
Operation Moonbase
Over the course of the challenge, learners applied essential skills to answer the question: What makes a successful society? They worked in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon called Utopia. They applied Problem Solving to select a crew to support them on their mission and applied Creativity to design a new species of animal to benefit society. Then, they applied Teamwork, Leadership and Staying Positive skills to design and create a model of the first city on Utopia. The day culminated with teams applying Presenting and Listening skills, as they shared their new societies with the wider group. At the end of the challenge, learners applied Aiming High by reflecting on the essential skills they had used throughout the challenge.
We really couldn't agree on which buildings were the most important, we had so many different ideas but it was so much fun debating them. We compromised in the end to finish on time.
Year 5 pupil
I think my Leadership skills improved today, I made sure I shared my ideas to get the discussion started so that we would complete the task. We used rock, paper, scissors to decide if we all had different ideas.
Year 6 pupil
The pupils listening and presenting skills have noticeably improved throughout the day. We use these skills all the time but focusing on them explicitly has made a difference.
Teacher, EYFS