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Creative Spaces at Lander Road Primary School
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Lander Road Primary School
From Liverpool, Lander Road Primary School have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2016 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Over the years, students have been practising their essential skills through Employer Visits as well as Challenge Days.
Creative Spaces
Over the course of the challenge, learners applied essential skills to answer the question: What are the Arts? They worked in teams to design and build a new community arts centre for their local area. They explored existing artistic spaces and applied Leadership skills by choosing a purpose for their own Arts centre. They applied Listening by considering the needs of the local community, before designing a floorplan of their new space. The budding designers then built a 3D interpretation of their Arts centre, complete with miniature furniture models. Finally, learners applied Presenting skills to share their creations with the wider group, and applied Aiming High to reflect on the essential skills they had used througout the day.
Aiming High
I thought the arts were painting and drawing but they are more than that. The arts are anyway you express yourself.
Pupil, Year 5
Our team were really good at teamwork because we listened to each other and we gave out jobs to the people who were best at doing them.
Pupil, Year 4
Today has helped the pupils to understand what Leadership is and how to develop it.
Teacher, Lander Road