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Operation Moonbase at Lea Valley Primary School
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Lea Valley Primary School
Located in Solihull, Alderbrook School have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2018, and are keen to ensure children across the school have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively whilst using their essential skills. Today's enterprising challenge was a great chance for everyone to be focusing on developing their 'skills'kf.
Operation Moonbase
Over the course of the day, students used their Teamwork skills to establish a new society on a distant moon called Utopia. A series of challenges required teams to use their Essential Skills, particularly practising their Creativity, Problem Solving and Listening skill sets. Teams needed to select a crew to support them on their mission, then work together to design a new species of animal to benefit society before finally creating a model of their own dream city. The day culminated in a series of persuasive pitches at the Intergalactic Trade Fair, which gave each team the opportunity to show off their fantastic ideas.
Teamwork and Creativity in action at Lea Valley Primary as teams design the most imaginative animals that could be helpful in their new societies.
Both myself and the children have loved the day, they've really impressed me and it's given them a chance to work on some really important skills like Teamwork.
Teacher, Year 4
I was actually surprised at how well they've worked together!
Teacher, Reception
Working in a team is better than working by yourself because you get really strong ideas, you can help each other and 5 brains are better than one.
Student, Year 4