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London Fields Primary School
Brewin Dolphin London
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London Fields Primary School
London Fields are in Hackney and have worked with us since 2015. Students and teachers have been working on building the eight Essential Skills through Lesson time projects, Challenge Days and trips to employers.
Brewin Dolphin London
Brewin Dolphin is one of the UK’s leading providers of personalised, discretionary wealth management services, offering investment management and financial planning services to investors and intermediaries. With origins dating back to the mid-18th century, they were one of the founding firms of the London Stock Exchange. They have 28 offices throughout the UK & Ireland and have a wealth of experience dealing with investment markets.
Invest for Success
From the moment they arrived, students were putting their essential skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day, and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their Staying Positive challenge: to take on the role of Investment Bankers and help their clients make the most of their money. They began by researching their clients and the three companies they could invest in. Then, they made investment decisions and showed great resilience as they found out how their portfolio had done over time. They reflected on the decisions they had made and how they could keep going to try to make the biggest return for their clients. The day ended with a chance to share their achievements with a panel of volunteers. They reflected on how they had applied Staying Positive throughout the challenge and looked ahead to how they could apply this skill again in the future.
Applying essential skills at an Employer PartnerStaying Positive in the wider world
Team work on a challenge
The day was well structured and the children were really engaged. I really enjoyed the first part of the day where we got to talk to the children about our jobs.
Volunteer, Brewin Dolphin
We were really good at Staying Positive today. When things went wrong in our team we looked on the bright side and encouraged each other not to give up.
Year 5 Child, London Fields Primary School
It was great to see all members of the class accessing the challenge and experiencing success.
Teacher, London Fields Primary School