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London Fields Primary School
First State Investments
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London Fields Primary School
London Fields are in Hackney and have worked with us since 2015. Students and teachers have been working on building the eight Essential Skills through Lesson time projects, Challenge Days and trips to employers.
First State Investments
First State Investments is a global asset management business with experience across a range of asset classes and specialist investment sectors. They manage investments on behalf of institutional investors and pension funds, wholesale distributors and platforms, financial advisers and their clients. They employ teams of investors who are specialists in their respective fields and set their own investment style. They have offices in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Beijing and Shenzhen.
Pitch Perfect
The students started their day by meeting volunteers and learning about their hosts before touring the premises to get a better picture of what working there is like. Then they worked in teams to understand how banks can support businesses with their finances and started their challenge for the day. Their challenge was to secure a loan for a new business venture of their devising before running the initial set up of the business. The teams really had to demonstrate their Leadership and Presenting skills throughout the challenge, but especially at the end of the day when they presented their achievements back to a panel of volunteers.
Learners apply Leadership and Creativity to share out and finish tasks on time.Using Teamwork to create an original business idea.
Learners apply Listening skills on the tour of the First State Investments office.
Today was the best Teamwork I have ever seen in Year 5! The activities were so engaging, the timings were just right and the quality of Presenting was so impressive.
Teacher, Year 5
We all tried our hardest today and Aimed High and Stayed Positive, even if we didn't agree with each other for every decision. We will try to improve our Presenting skills next time so our idea is clearer from the start.
Student, Year 5
The children asked such interesting questions and dug into the topic of investment, as well as understanding our company focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The Creativity and Presenting was brilliant - all groups thought outside the box!
Volunteer, First State Investments