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London Fields Primary School
UBS Broadgate
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London Fields Primary School
London Fields are in Hackney and have worked with us since 2015. Students and teachers have been working on building the eight Essential Skills through Lesson time projects, Challenge Days and trips to employers.
UBS Broadgate
UBS is a global bank, providing services in over 50 countries. Specialising in Wealth Management and Global Asset Management they provide services for high net worth individuals, private, corporate, and institutional clients all over the world. Worldwide, UBS employs 60,099 people who speak more than 130 languages and are citizens of 135 countries.
Pitch Perfect
The students started their day by meeting volunteers and learning about their hosts before touring the premises to get a better picture of what working there is like. Then they worked in teams to understand how banks can support businesses with their finances and started their challenge for the day. Their challenge was to secure a loan for a new business venture of their devising before running the initial set up of the business. The teams really had to demonstrate their Leadership and Presenting skills throughout the challenge, but especially at the end of the day when they presented their achievements back to a panel of volunteers.
Children developing essential skillsTeamwork skills being taught explicitly
Students working together on a workplace challenge
We see big improvements in group work, personal, and social skills. Thank you Enabling Enterprise for a really nice and meaningful experience!
Year 5 Teacher, London Fields Primary School
We used our Leadership and Presenting skills today. They helped us reach decisions and get over our fears when sharing our ideas.
Year 5 Student, London Fields Primary School
The day was really well structured and had a great pace. It was fun getting to know and helping the teams. They also asked me some pretty challenging questions about my job.
Workplace Volunteer, UBS