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Creative Spaces at Longlands Primary School
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Longlands Primary School
Longlands Primary, located near Sidcup in Kent, have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2014. In school, students are busy developing their Essential Skills by taking part in their Enterprise Weeks, where each year group runs exciting projects, and taking part in whole-school Challenge Days. Outside of school, students also put their Essential Skills into practice in the workplace during trips to employers, working alongside professionals from a range of sectors to explore the world of work.
Creative Spaces
After an assembly to introduce their challenge, students quickly set to work to become architects and builders. The task, to design and build a new community arts centre for their local area, certainly got the creative juices flowing! Teams shared great ideas whilst using their imagination and Problem Solving skills to decide where to build their space and what materials to use - they could not wait to get building! The day culminated with teams Presenting to their classes, celebrating their creativity and reflecting on much improved teamwork as the day went on. Most teams had used their essential skills to such a high standard that it was no surprise the scoreboards in each classroom were so full of skill points!
A fantastic display of Teamwork and Problem Solving skills to recreate this design in 3D form!Drawing inspiration from nature!
Year 5s showing fantastic Leadership working with the Year 1s on their Creative Space
We're all going to draw a different room so it's fair for everyone.
Student, Year 1
The children always surprise me with their imaginative idea. Their Creativity skills are much stronger than mine!
Teacher, Year 2
It's brilliant to see how much their Teamwork skills have improved since the autumn projects and to see Year 5s using Leadership by working with the Year 1s on their real Creative Space outside!
Teacher, Year 5