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A Day in Politics at Morecambe Bay Community Primary School
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Morecambe Bay Community Primary School
Since 2016, the students of Morecambe Bay Primary School have been developing their essential skills. Through a mix of Challenge Days, Lesson-time Projects and Trips to Employers, Learners from EYFS to Year 6 continue to experience the world of enterprise, working on skills such as Teamwork, Problem Solving and Staying Positive.
A Day in Politics
Over the course of the day, students had the opportunity to practise their Teamwork and Presenting skills by setting up their very own political parties. After an assembly to introduce the learners to the world of politics, they dived head first into their task, learning more about democracy and looking at how and why we use different voting systems. With a greater knowledge of politics, students began setting up their own political parties. Teams were Sharing Ideas effectively about how they could work together, and these newest politicians then had to Listen Carefully to learn more about different people they could help within their local community. Using their Problem Solving skills, students decided upon who they wanted to help and why, and then thought about the best ways to support these people as they prepared their manifestos, made budget decisions and campaign materials. Finally, the students political parties then took to the stage to convince others to vote for them in upcoming elections.
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I loved today. It was the best.
Pupil, Year 5
They loved the debate, they enjoyed the fact that there was dedicated time to speaking and listening and having an opinion. It was great to see them getting so involved in class discussion.
Teacher, Year 6
The best bit about today has been working in a team because you get to work with people you are not normally in a class with and you get to make new friends.
Team comprised of year 1 - 6