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Start-up Success at Oasis Academy Brislington
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Oasis Academy Brislington
Located in Bristol, Oasis Academy Brislington are in their second year of working with Skills Builder, and are keen to ensure students across the school have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively whilst using their essential skills. Today's enterprising challenge was a great chance for everyone to put those skills to the test.
Start-up Success
Learners explored the world of enterprise by setting up and running their own Start-up companies. Over the course of the challenge, the budding entrepreneurs were putting their Leadership and Creativity skills to the test whilst allocating roles within their newly formed companies and coming up with a new range of products or services. Learners then had to use their Teamwork skills alongside Problem Solving to ensure that everyone in their team contributed to final designs and creation of their offers. Tight deadlines and even tighter budgets then tested their Staying Positive as the clock ticked away. The day culminated with every team showing off their Listening and Presenting skills in 'Dragons' Den' style as all the young start-ups explained why their offers were the best, in a bid to outdo their competitors. Looking back on the challenge, learners applied Aiming High to reflect on the essential skills they had used to their highest standard and set themselves targets for those they would like to develop further.
I love teaching like this! [The resource] lets them take control of their learning and has allowed them to come up with really good ideas - they've done it all themselves!
Year 7 Form Tutor, Oasis Academy Brislington
Do we have to go out to break? Can we stay and carry on?
Learner, Year 7
The reason our Teamwork was so good is that we took into account everyone's ideas and it formed a bigger idea from that.
Learner, Year 7