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Game On at Pelham Primary School
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Pelham Primary School
Based in Merton, South London, Pelham Primary have been working with the Skills Builder Partnership since 2014. Over this time, students have been busy developing their essential skills by working on classroom-based Projects as part of the school's Enterprise Week. All students also take part in exciting Challenge Days, where their Creativity, Problem Solving and Teamwork have been stretched with challenges such as designing a brand-new computer game, set in their school! Outside of the classroom, Year 5 students have the opportunity to put these skills into practice in the world of work through trips to employer partners.
Game On
Over the course of the challenge, learners applied essential skills to answer the question: Why do we have rules in sport? They worked in teams to design a brand new sport. Initially, learners researched existing sports and made a decision about how players can score points in their new sport. They applied Leadership by deciding how players can and cannot move the ball around the pitch. The budding sports stars then designed a range of new kits for people to wear when playing their sport, whilst some teams also designed the pitch on which it can be played. Finally, they applied Presenting and Listening to shared their ideas with the wider group. At the end of the challenge, they applied Aiming High to reflect on the essential skills they had used throughout the day.
Teamwork at its very best at Pelham Primary in MertonThe fruits of Creativity and Leadership
The fruits of Creativity and Leadership
We’ve had a few tears, but for us Teamwork is a big focus, so I’ve put them in mixed-ability groups and we are using the points system to reward their teamwork through Listening and Staying Positive.
Teacher, Reception
When we did our baseline assessment, we identified Teamwork and Presenting needed to be worked on. What worked well for us is we did two sessions ahead of the day so we could get even more out of the Challenge Day.
Teacher, Year 2
Working in a team today has made it easier for me and it’s made me feel more confident as my team gave a me a boost: they’ve encouraged me to do a bit more and to not give up.
Learner, Year 6