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Preston Manor School
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Preston Manor School
Preston Manor, based in Brent, have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2019. The school aims for its pupils to approach learning with a 'growth mindset', facilitating the development of character, essential skills and confidence through a broad curriculum. Through their work with Enabling Enterprise, they embed essential skill development against the Skills Builder framework through their PSHE lessons. Students also take part in Trips to Employers, giving them the ideal opportunity to apply these skills in a workplace setting and broaden their understanding of different careers.
Quintain are the team behind Wembley Park, one of London's most exciting new neighbourhoods. During their 26-year history Quintain have transformed locations across the Capital into places where people want to live, companies want to grow and neighbourhoods can come alive.
Building Bridges
From the moment they arrived, the students were putting their problem solving and teamwork skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the morning. Then, in teams, the students were set their challenge, to design a new bridge for the fictional town of Bogsby. They set about researching possible locations, considering community concerns and building a scale model of their proposed scheme. Once bridges were built, students reflected on the success of their design but also how effectively they had used their Essential Skills across the morning. At the end of the construction challenge, students were taken on a site visit tour of the Wembley Park development. Students learnt about the key skills involved in a range of careers in construction - as well as the many different stakeholders and phases of a large scale regeneration project.
Students use Listening skills to find out about the Wembley Park regeneration project.Students use Teamwork and Problem Solving to design and build a model bridge for Bogsby's community.
Students Listen carefully to discover more about the Essential Skills and careers at Quintain.
[In construction] communication skills are much more important than technical ability. We have 800 people on site to coordinate and communicate with so, without having those skills, the technical skills are wasted.
Volunteer, Quintain and Sisk
My Leadership skills are strongest because I use them as captain of different clubs at school. I'd like to develop my Staying Positive skills because I find it hard to motivate myself and not give up when something is challenging.
Year 10 Student, Preston Manor School
Even in a short space of time, the students have got so much out of the trip. It's fantastic to learn about how the skills are used in construction careers and the variety of routes into these jobs as well.
Teacher, Preston Manor School