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Future Focus at Queen's Park High School
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Queen's Park High School
Since 2016, Queens Park High School in Chester have been working closely with Enabling Enterprise to build the skills, aspirations and experiences of their students. Generously supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Queens Park run Whole School Challenge Days and Business Trips for their own students as well as running Challenge Days and Trips for students from local primary schools, readying them for the big step into secondary education.
Future Focus
Over the course of the day, learners had the opportunity to explore a range of different careers by completing a carousel of activities. These allowed the learners to think about which career sectors interested them the most and consider which skills would be the most useful in these, such as Presenting, Being Creative and Working in a Team. During the career carousel, learners found out more about their sector via video interviews with employees at JLL, then took part in a sector-specific activity in teams. For example, in Living Environment the learners worked on risk-taking, decision-making and staying positive through a Disaster Management task. The day culminated with learners creating an action plan for their next steps, reflecting on the skills they used during the day.
Future Focus at Queen's Park High School in ChesterDiscussions around Creativity at Queen's Park High School, Chester
Listening skills in action at Queen's Park High School, Chester
Teamwork for us was about having an equal vote between us, not letting just one person make all the decisions. We found a middle ground by discussing.
Student, Year 11
It is controversial to raise tuition fees depending on the subject you choose because it would affect people's choices, but that would be unfair if it was just because of something they can't control.
Student, Year 11
It was good to see some of the students getting more involved in the teams' discussions and taking more ownership than they usually would in other settings.
Teacher, Form Tutor