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Riverley Primary School and St Elizabeth Primary School
ISG London
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Riverley Primary School
Riverley Primary School has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2012. The school has been developing students essential skills through a combination of whole-school challenge days, lesson-time projects and inspirational visits to employers.
St Elizabeth Primary School
From the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, St Elizabeth Primary has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2017 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Students across the whole school have been developing skills such as Teamwork and Creativity through Lesson-Time Projects as well as Challenge Days and Trips to Employers.
ISG London
ISG is an international construction services company delivering fit-out, construction, engineering services. For nearly three decades, ISG has been providing construction solutions to some of the world's most successful and enduring businesses, cities and institutions. ISG has over 50 offices across Europe, The Middle East, Asia and South America.
Building Bridges
From the moment they arrived, the students were putting their problem solving and teamwork skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their challenge, to design a new bridge for the fictional town of Bogsby. They set about researching possible locations, considering community concerns and building a scale model of their proposed scheme. After all this, they took their proposal to a panel of volunteers representing a planning committee, who scrutinised not only their design but also how effectively they had used their Essential Skills across the day.
Teamwork in action!An inspiring view from the offices!
Design and model, bringing ideas to life!
We showed great Teamwork skills by helping each other and making sure everyone had a job to do.
Student, Riverley Primary School
The tour gave students a great insight into different roles and included superb demonstrations.
Teacher, St Elisabeth Primary School
An excellent day working with the children and helping them explore ideas and build on their Teamwork skills.
Volunteer, ISG