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Level Up at Selwyn Primary School
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Selwyn Primary School
From the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Selwyn Primary School has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2015 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Over the years, students across the whole school have been developing their Essential Skills through Lesson-Time Projects as well as Challenge Days and Trips to Employers.
Level Up
The day started off with an assembly where students were briefed on their task: to design a brand new computer game. This was going to be a true test of their Teamwork and Staying Positive skills. Students were asked to reflect on what makes their school great, thinking about the people, places and opportunities around them, and applied their Creativity to think about what this might look like in a digitally interactive form! First, students became Games Researchers, reflecting on their school values, identifying the areas and people found within their school, and researching different computer game formats. Then as Level Editors and Games Artists, they stretched their Creativity further to design the characters for their game and the Game World in which it is set. Whilst some classes deferred voting on the best idea for a game, the rest of the school were hearing a series of creative presentations in a Games Expo. The teams in each class shared their projects with increased confidence in front of their peers, and so it was no surprise to see their scoreboards full of skill points!
Reception learners working together like Year 1, showing superb Teamwork!Creativity and Teamwork in action as the games designers put together their characters.
The fruits of Creativity as Selwyn’s teams present their platform games.
If you disagree with someone in your team, you can try to find a new idea that everybody can agree on.
Student, Year 4
They've now started to realise it's not so much about the task itself, but about the best way they can get this done and how they're getting on with each other.
Teacher, Year 5
I'm quite surprised because I thought they'd find this tricky, but no, they've all been involved, even the ones that are usually shy to take part.
Teacher, Year 1