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Game On at St Francis de Sales RC Junior School
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St Francis de Sales RC Junior School
From the London Borough of Haringey, St Francis de Sales RC Primary School has been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2013 to develop a set of eight Essential Skills in their students. Over the years, students across the whole school have been developing their Essential Skills through Lesson-Time Projects as well as Challenge Days and Trips to Employers.
Game On
Over the course of the day, students used their Teamwork skills to design a brand-new sport that would appeal to a wide audience. By looking at current, popular sports, the learners developed an understanding of how surfaces, equipment and people affect gameplay. They also considered how inspiration drawn from their own hobbies, interests and imagination could be added to original ideas to create something truly unique! Throughout the day, teams also considered how sports can not only challenge a player's physical ability but also put their essential skills to the test, such as Aiming High and Staying Positive. At the end of the day each team used their Presenting skills to share their new sport to the rest of their class, who then voted on the best idea.
Presenting skills in action at St Francis de Sales in Tottenham as the sports designers prepare for their persuasive speechesThe fruits of high-standard Teamwork and Creativity: a range of colourful and practical kits for players to wear
Principle 5 (Keep Practising) in action in Early Years at St Francis de Sales in Tottenham as the youngest learners had a go at different sports throughout the week in their teams
Days like this are not particularly difficult to teach. It’s not just a standalone thing – we build it into the wider curriculum. They get a lot out of it!
Deputy Headteacher
We wanted our kit to be more imaginative so we added dots to make our players feel like a cheetah because it motivates you to be the best you can be since cheetahs make you feel fast and confident.
Student, Year 4
It’s not just one thing, it’s cross-curricular – and they’ve learnt to work in teams! We need more of this in education. I don’t know if people realise how much it empowers children, because everyone deserves the same chance in life.
Teacher, Nursery