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Operation Moonbase at St Mark's CE Academy
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St Mark's CE Academy
Based in the London Borough of Merton, St Mark's CE Academy have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2017. The school offers a commitment to high achievement within a community of care, underpinned by Christian values. The school is in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. In school, students from Year 7 have the opportunity to to put their Essential Skills to the test in action-packed Challenge Days, whilst previous trips to top employers have enabled links to be made with the schools being used in school to the world of work.
Operation Moonbase
Tasked to find a way to help solve the problem of a booming population, students worked in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon. They explored their Leadership skills by becoming managers, selecting a crew to support them on their mission as well as their Creativity skills by coming up with a brand new species of animal before taking on the role of architects and builders to make their ideal moonbase come to life. Applying their Problem Solving and Teamwork skills at the highest standard, they created their dream cities within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. The day culminated in a test of the learners Presenting skills as they pitched their new society to representatives from the UN. Teams promoted and celebrated their new societies, showing style and substance in their presentations. In what was a very tight timescale, the students rose to the occasion and should be extremely proud of their efforts.
Moonbase @ St Mark'sMoonbase @ St Mark's
Moonbase @ St Mark's
Staying Positive, for me, means that you can stay calm and keep helping the people around you, even when things get a bit hectic!
This has been a great day! It's been so good to see them work in teams and have to work things out for themselves. It's also been nice to see how creative they can be and show this in different ways.
I have learnt today that being a good leader can mean different things. I'm usually quite shy so didn't think I was a leader, but I can lead in my own way, coaching and helping others along.