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A Day in Politics at St Wilfrid's RC Primary School Hulme
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St Wilfrid's RC Primary School Hulme
Since 2017 St Wilfrid's RC Primary School in Hulme, Manchester have been developing their Essential skills through whole-school Challenge Days. This year, through membership to the Skills Builder Partnership, students and teachers alike are developing their knowledge and confidence in the eight skills.
A Day in Politics
Over the course of the day, learners applied essential skills to answer the question: How can we make the country a better place to live? They worked in teams to create their own political parties. Learners applied Leadership to build their understanding of the world of politics. Then, they applied Problem Solving to write their own policies focusing on areas of society they are most keen to help. They applied Teamwork to create a clear brand for their party and made rosettes to show off their allegiances. Finally, they applied Presenting and Listening to script and perform political speeches at an exciting hustings, when a winning party was voted for by their peers. At the end of the day, they applied Aiming High to reflect on the day and the essential skills they had applied.
I am shocked we have completed this, I did not think we would be able to do this when we first started.
Pupil, St Wilfrid's RC Primary School
I am so full of pride
Pupil, St Wilfrid's RC Primary School
Today has really improved the listening skills of certain pupils, when they are having fun and are engaged it's amazing what they can do.
Teacher, St Wilfrid's RC Primary School