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Stockland Green School
Wesleyan Assurance Society
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Stockland Green School
Stockland Green School are keen to ensure children across the school have opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively whilst using their essential skills. Today's enterprising challenge was a great chance for everyone to be focusing on developing their 'skills'.
Wesleyan Assurance Society
Wesleyan Assurance Society is a financial services company that provides advice and products to select professional groups – notably GPs, hospital doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers
Pitch Perfect
The students started their day by meeting volunteers and learning about their hosts before touring the premises to get a better picture of what working there is like. Then they worked in teams to understand how banks can support businesses with their finances and started their challenge for the day. Their challenge was to secure a loan for a new business venture of their devising before running the initial set up of the business. The teams really had to demonstrate their Leadership and Presenting skills throughout the challenge, but especially at the end of the day when they presented their achievements back to a panel of volunteers.
Interviewing VolunteersBusiness Plan
Preparing for Presenting
They were all fab for standing up in front of the everyone - we have to do that in our jobs and it can be nerve-racking. The teams that were the strongest worked well together and so were able to present well as a group.
Wesleyan Volunteer
We had to listen to each other's ideas to finally come to an agreement.We also had to use Staying Positive because the first bit of news [about our business] didn't go so well for us.
Year 9 Student
The students were shocked by the scale of the building and really enjoyed the tour. It was good to bring such an aspirational year group here.