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The Study School
Thames Water Hogsmill
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The Study School
The Study School, based in New Malden in Surrey, have been working with Enabling Enterprise since 2018. The school aims to provide pupils with a challenging and stimulating education, developing a desire within them to achieve their full academic potential through participation and a positive approach to learning. Through their work with Enabling Enterprise, they embed essential skill development against the Skills Builder framework through timetabled skills lessons during form time. Students also take part in Trips to Employers, giving them the ideal opportunity to apply these skills in a workplace setting.
Thames Water Hogsmill
Thames Water is the UK's largest water and wastewater services company, and supplies 2.6 gigalitres of drinking water per day, and treats 4.4 gigalitres of wastewater per day. Thames Water's 15 million customers comprise 27% of the UK population.
The Thames Water Network Challenge
The teams started their day by exploring what good problem solving and teamwork looks like in a range of skills activities. Students were then given an introduction to Thames Water and how the work they do to provide clean drinking water and remove waste water fits into the Water Cycle. They also experimented with what is truly 'flushable' as they looked at all the ways we use water in our lives. With a sound knowledge of the importance of clean water to our everyday lives, teams then set off on a tour of the site to see the different processes in action. Back in the on-site classroom, teams put their problem solving and teamwork skills into action once more in order to take on the Network Challenge! Charged with building an effective pipe network to serve 5 key customers, students had to think creatively to ensure the needs of the town's people were met whilst also adhering to the restrictions in place. These young engineers were not going to let their customers down!
Study School @ Thames WaterStudy School @ Thames Water
Study School @ Thames Water
These skills are so important, they should be part of the National Curriculum. They're not just 'work skills', they are skills for every part of their lives.
Teacher, The Study School
It was really fun. I would like to be an architect when I'm older so getting to practise my teamwork and problem solving skills on tasks like this will be really helpful in helping me to know what I need to do and what skills I need to work on.
Student, The Study School
It's so useful to see them working in teams and solving problems like us as it really shows what they're capable of. Even where the teamwork wasn't as strong as we'd like it to be, it's great because it gives us so much to work on back in school.
Teacher, The Study School